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No School Monday 1/16/2017

Mission Statement

We the staff of Duval PK-8, in cooperation with our families and our communities will provide a high-quality education to ensure the success for every student within a safe and secure environment.

Classroom Directory


Tami Abel

Lora Adkins


Angela Stewart
Kelley King

First Grade

Teresa Wickline
Shawnda Whitten

Second Grade

Amber Wells
Christy Belcher

Third Grade

Ashely McDavid

Brian Marshall

Fourth Grade

George Gonsowski

Pauline Tuck

Fifth Grade

Laura Matthews

Jo Ellen Boback

Special Needs

Scott Bradford
Carrie Spurlock
Rachel McCormick
Whitney Berry
Besty Dudley
Rodney Jordon

Science Department

Misty Tully

Greg Rooper


Social Studies Department

Sabrina Ruth
Tyler Woolwine

The Arts

Nancy Porter
Brandon Smith
Randy Peters

Jacob Terry

Math Department

Jerry Sansom
Darlene Tackett
Tally Mainland

Jeremy Lawson

English Department

Fred Tackett
Ashley Pritt
Sarah Dunlap

Beverly Brown


Patrick Atkins

Beck Dial
Justin Keaton

Support Staff

Emma Austin

Hannah Robinett

Susan Mischler

Norene Gallion

Emily Brumfield

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